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At OmniLink Strategies, we understand that marketing is more than just a tool to make money. It’s a way of connecting with the world and telling your story. We’re passionate about helping our clients tell their stories and reach their goals through effective and creative marketing solutions. 

OmniLink Strategies is a family-owned marketing agency that was created in the Midwest. We have been working in the marketing and printing industry for years and decided to utilize our knowledge and start our own business. We understand that businesses have unique needs when it comes to marketing and advertising, so we strive to craft solutions that will help you reach your goals. Our Midwestern roots and values have shaped our approach to marketing, and we are dedicated to helping you find success.


OmniLink Strategies is the perfect combination of creativity, experience, and innovation. Led by husband and wife team Sean and Mariah Ryan, the team has more than 10 years of experience in graphic design, more than 20 years in printing, and 15 years in data and marketing.


Sean Ryan

Owner & Integration Specialist

Over 20 years experience in printing, data & marketing.

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Mariah Ryan

Marketing Specialist & Sales

Over 10 years experience in graphic design & marketing.

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